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Patrick Pepin

Copy of Barn Wood Brown Wallpaper Perfect Brune


SAMPLE 8"x11" (20x28cm)
26in x 9ft WALLPAPER STRIP (choose your quantity in the cart)

This barn wood wallpaper comes from walls of an old typical french Canadian farm. Created by WYNIL the final rendering reveals the beauty of the texture in it's pure state. The precision of this image and subtile colorations are certain to provoque an emotion of beauty, comfort and of course the famous WOW effect.

The beauty of ordering by strip is that you don't have to order an large extra roll to cover a small remaining zone. Low waste, ecological, easy to install or remove and reuse. Perfect for wall, backsplash, cabinet, bathroom & more. Ideal for residential and commercial projects.

Made with love in Montreal, Canada. 


Free shipping in CANADA and USA
  • Usage: Residential and commercial
  • Strip size (prepasted): 26"x 108" (66cm x 274cm)
  • Paper type: High-quality and eco-friendly wallpaper, easy to apply and remove without ripping 
  • Finish: Satin 
  • Washable: With water and soap
  • Made with love: In Montreal, Canada
  • Shipping: Free in CANADA and USA
  • Usage: Residential and commercial 
  • Strip size (commercial): 52"x 108" (132cm x 274cm)
  • Paper type: High-quality (tes terme techniques feu et écologique)
  • Finish: Ultra soft Mat
  • Washable: With water and soap
  • Made with love: In Montreal, Canada
  • Shipping: Free in CANADA and USA

Option Per Strip:

Divisé la largeur de votre mur en pouce ou cm et arrondir à l'unité supérieur. Si votre mur n'a pas 9' de haut. Nous vous suggérons de commander un custom size.


Option Custom size:

Entrez la largeur et la hauteur de chaque mur. Nous calculons le nombre de pieds carrés et s'occupons de couper les bandes à vos hauteurs désirées.  Aucun calcul à faire. 

 1. Roughly draw your wall plan on a sheet 

 2. Use a measuring tape to measure your wall following this method: 

Always measure the longest and widest parts of the wall and ignore any obstacles like doors, windows, beams, slopes. These will be trimmed away during the installation. If you have an oval wall, make your tape follow the wall to measure the perimeter of the circle.

 3. If you use the metric system, please convert your units to inches si vous utilisez l'option custom size.(Our website uses the imperial system (inches).)