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Melora Hardin


Melora Hardin is perhaps most recognized for her portrayal of 'Jan Levinson' on the U.S. version of the hit television series "The Office" and movies such as "Hannah Montana: The Movie", "17 Again" and "The Hot Chick". Although her impressive career spans a variety of mediums, including numerous television series, films, live concerts and music albums.


MELORA has been singing and writing songs all her life. Music flows through her and she loves to write, record and perform. Her mother says she wrote her first song when she was two years old, and sang it over and over and over again. Melora says she is still on her musical journey, and is always finding ways to get closer to who she is musically. You can follow her recording career thus far with her three cds, "The Meloradrama", "PURR" and "All The Way To Mars". Or you can catch Melora singing live around the country with her act, as well as local gigs here in Los Angeles. Melora has been lucky enough to be able to express herself musically in many other venues too. She had the time of her life performing live on Broadway as 'Roxie Hart' in Chicago, and as 'Fantine' in Les Miserables at the Hollywood Bowl with Lea Michelle. In movies like Disney's "The Rocketeer" singing "Begin the Beguine" and "When Your Lover Has Gone" (both songs are on the original motion picture soundtrack) and made for TV movie "Tower Of Terror". On television singing The National Anthem for NASCAR, The Ducks, The Dodgers and numerous others, as well as TV shows like the "The Office" ("Babyshower" episode) and in her new TBS series "Wedding Band" she can be seen singing one of her original songs "As Boy and His Cat" as well as many other songs as 'Roxy Rutherford'. We will keep you updated with Melora's records, and live performances here on her website! You can listen to Melora's album "All The Way To Mars" on Pandora, and all her albums can be purchased here.

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