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 The Installation Guide


   Partner in crime 

  Measuring tape

  Snap off blade cutter


  Water vaporizer or thick paint roller

  Smoothing brush or plastic smoother

  Drop cloth or plastic sheet

  Bucket of clean water



   Your wall needs to be smooth, clean and dust free.  

  Patch or sand any damaged areas of the wall (sharp edges might pierce or tear the paper)

  Take off any electrical outlet

  For best results, surface must be a solid surface painted in light colour or primed the same way as if you would normally paint it.

  If your wall is freshly painted, wait a minimum of 1 week for the paint to dry completely. Else in may lead to air bubbles at the contact of humidity and poor adhesion on the wall.


  Start by measuring the height of your wall.

  Installation goes from left to right. Panel #1 being the first on the left.

  Unroll and cut your first panel from the roll at least 2" at 4" longer that what you need to horizontally. Often, the panels are pre-cut in our Atelier. In this case, the bottom of each panel has a white margin and the top of the panel as no margin.


  Place the panel face down on a plastic sheet and generously vaporize water or apply water with a thick paint roller. 

  Fold the panel glue over glue (fig 1). Wait for 3 to 5 minutes to activate the glue (called booking).

  Unfold the panel (fig 2) and apply it to the wall vertically levelled and remove the air bubbles and water using a smoothing brush.  Keep in mind that some textures have an orientation to respect. 

  Repeat until done. 

  Trim excess paper along the ceiling and baseboard with a sharp snap off blade knife. If necessary, re-mist the areas that are dried off. Clean with clean water and a sponge.

(Fig 3) Only for texture wallpaper: Often, there is a direction for the wallpaper to look realistic. Always keep the up side up. Up is written at the start of each roll. Each panel must be installed butt joint. 

(Fig 4) Only for photography wallpaper: Follow the number panel and overlap 1/4" inch


  High five partner in crime, you did it!

  Make yourself a drink

Sit down and enjoy your room metamorphosis

  Share your excitement  #wynil