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Patrick Pepin

BRUNE Barn Wood Brown MURAL Perfect test


SAMPLE 8"x11" (20x28cm)
26in x 9ft WALLPAPER STRIP (choose your quantity in the cart)

A WYNIL exclusivity, The After a Soft Snowfall by artist Patrick Pepin. Imagine the smooth dreamy snow forest in your home or office. A definite WOW in any project.

Ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

This photographic mural has such details and precision that it can be printed at sizes of up to 50 feet wide without loosing any quality. It was captured using a unique UltraHD technology, that is brilliantly mastered by the artist.

For custom orders, we send you your choice of image cropped to your wall's size. We start printing once we have your approval.

Made with love in Montreal, Canada.
Free shipping in CANADA and USA

  • Usage: Residential and commercial
  • Dimensions: Custom, or: 8'5x12'4 (254x376cm) or 8'5x16'4 (254x498cm)
  • Prepasted panels width: 26 inches (66cm) wide
  • Paper type: High-quality and eco-friendly wallpaper, easy to apply and remove without ripping. 
  • Finish: Satin 
  • Installation: 1/4" (6mm) overlap
  • Washable: With water and soap
  • Made with love: In Montreal, Canada
  • Shipping: Free in CANADA and USA
  • Usage: Residential and commercial 
  • Dimensions: Custom, or: 8'5x12'4 (254x376cm) or 8'5x16'4 (254x498cm)
  • Commercial grade panels width: 54 inches (137cm) wide.
  • Paper type: High-quality lightweight alternative to vinyl, ecological, zero PVC, Class "A" fire rating, contributes to LEED certification, 01350 standards for indoor air quality
  • Finish: Ultra soft Mat
  • Installation: 1" (12mm) overlap
  • Washable: With water and soap
  • Made with love: In Montreal, Canada
  • Shipping: Free in CANADA and USA


  • No calculations: enter the width and height of your wall or surface (our system uses inches, make sure to first convert if you use the metric system), then add to cart.
  • We deliver you the right number of strips, cut to your surface's height.


  • Order one of our two standard sizes, depending on the effect you want in the room!
    •  Roughly draw your wall plan on a sheet 
    •  Use a measuring tape to measure your wall following this method: Always measure the longest and widest parts of the wall and ignore any obstacle like doors, windows, beams, slopes. These will be trimmed away during installation. If you have a curved wall, make your measuring tape follow the surface of the wall to measure the width.
    •  If you use the metric system and want to order a custom size, please convert your units to inches first before entering your measurements in the dimension boxes. That's dividing your dimensions that are in centimetres by 2.54 ;)