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Patrick Pepin

Perfect Wallpaper


SAMPLE 8"x11" (20x28cm)
26in x 9ft WALLPAPER STRIP (choose your quantity in the cart)

This patchwork wallpaper is inspired by the richness of Turk carpets. Created by WYNIL the final rendering reveals the beauty of the fibre in it's pure state. The precision of this image and subtile colorations are certain to provoque an emotion of beauty, comfort and of course the famous WOW effect.

The beauty of ordering per square foot is that you don't have to order an large extra roll to cover a small remaining zone. No waste, ecological, easy to install or remove and reuse. Perfect for residential and commercial projects.

**** An extra 10% of wallpaper is already count into your order to ensure that your project ends well and that you keep a little extra paper in case of an accident

  • Vertical Repeat: No pattern repeats before at least 50 linear feet!
  • Prepasted Panel CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: 26"/66 cm wide (residential and commercial)
  • Terramural Panel CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: 54"/137 cm wide (commercial)
  • Pattern Match: Random Match
  • Installation: Butted seam for the Prepasted Wallpaper
  • Eco: Zero V.O.C Ecological easy removal or Terramural Ecological zero PVC
  • Detailed technical data: Available on request
  • Washable: Yes
  • Made: In Montreal, Canada
  • Shipping: Free Shipping in CANADA and USA